Friday, December 09, 2005

Oh the weather outside is frightful....

But snowmen are so delightful! I can't take any credit for it though, Pop-Pop stopped by to shovel our driveway and build a snowman! I just posed for the picture. It turned out great, don't you think? We only got an inch or two overnight and most of it has melted already. I LOVE the snow but apparently I'm in the minority on this one. It's so nice to have my son play outside in the snow while I knit, er....clean. And it looks so pretty! Here is an early Christmas present from hubby. We have been redecorating and my desk was just this huge ugly eyesore in our living room so we happened to see this beautiful secretary at Pier 1 and couldn't pass it by. I love green and the size is just perfect since I have a laptop and no longer need a computer desk. Plus, now that I have less room I'll have to do my filing more often, which is definitely a good thing. And for more redecorating fun, I finished another curtain for the living room. It needs some shaping but you get the idea. 2 down, just 3 more to go. And here is dad's Shafrik. Only a few more inches to go and then some fringe and I'll be done. And I don't have any other Christmas gifts to knit so it looks like I'll be done in plenty of time. I knit gifts for my mother-in-law, brother-in-law and father. I decided to just make gifts one at a time as an idea came to me and I'll knit for different people next year. It's much less overwhelming that way.


Blogger Jes said...

Everything looks great. Sounds like you've been busy. One question tho. What happened to the knit snow men??

12/09/2005 04:40:00 PM  

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