Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Knitting meme

Thanks so much for the tag Caitlyn! You really made my day when I saw this! Here it goes...

What's Your All Time Favorite Yarn To Knit With? Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino or Rowan Cashsoft.

Your Favorite Needles? I've recently discovered Addi Turbo circulars and have been buying them as I need them for each project. I used to use Susan Bates Silvalume circulars but the cords drive me nuts! I use circulars for just about everything.

The Worst Thing You've Ever Knit? That would have to be the sweater I attempted to knit for myself in college. It was a Plymouth pattern using Plymouth Encore yarn, so out of style now (and probably then)! It was my first attempt at any pattern and I never finished it because once I finished the back, the sweater was way too long and I didn't feel like redoing it so I never finished it.

I just finished a sweater (Accordion) for my son out of 3 unused skeins from that project so it feels good to at least use the yarn for something! I hate not finishing projects...

Your Most Favorite Knit Pattern? (Maybe You Don't Like Wearing It, But It Was The Most Fun To Knit) Probably the Fair Isle Top by Debbie Bliss I recently finished for my daughter. I used Rowan Cashsoft DK and I loved the way the colors looked together and the way the yarn felt. It was my first project with more than one color and I loved fair isle! I'm really proud of the way it turned out and loved knitting it (although I didn't enjoy weaving in all those ends!).

Most Valuable Knitting Technique? I guess knitting in the round since I don't particularly enjoy seaming.

Best Knit Book or Magazine? I don't have much of a collection yet but I'm hoping to get some good books and magazines for Christmas. I just bought Knit It! the other day and enjoyed it a lot. They had an interesting article about knitting helmetliners for soldiers, which you'll hear more about later this week!

Favorite Knit-A-Long? I haven't done any yet but hope to soon!

Your Favorite Knitblogs? I'm relatively new to this but my favorites are Brynne, Jes (my best friend), Amy, Chrissy and Caitlyn.

Your Favorite Knitwear Designer? So far I've mostly knit Debbie Bliss patterns because her books are so pretty and I usually like a lot of the designs in one book. I've sat in Barnes & Noble for hours in front of the knitting section and so many patterns are so out of date. That's why I love these blogs so much, I love getting ideas from what everyone else is knitting. Hopefully I'll be able to branch out from the Debbie Bliss patterns soon :)

The Knit Item You Wear Most Often? I haven't knit anything for myself yet but my son often wears the Sweater with Ribbed Yoke by none other than Debbie Bliss! Now I tag Jes....


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I'm one of your favorite blogs? I feel so honored!

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